After twenty-one years of service with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ray Radojevic retired as Canada Immigration Centre Manager. While in service, he worked in Windsor, Pearson International Airport, Mississauga, Etobicoke and Toronto and held various positions: Immigration Examining Officer, Immigration Counselor, Immigration Investigator, Case Presenting Officer, Supervisor of Immigration Counselors, Shift Superintendent at Pearson International Airport, CIC Manager, and Special Assistant to the Director of Inland Operations.

As manager, he set up and managed Special Services CIC which later evolved into Vegreville Case Processing Centre.

Mr. Radojevic, who is fluent in several languages, received his B.A. Degree from Detroit Institute of Technology in 1970, M.A. Degree from University of Waterloo in 1971, and from 1971-1974, as Canada Council Doctoral Fellow, read for Ph.D. Degree at the University of London, England.

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