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Lee & Company is a leading boutique Canadian immigration law firm based in Toronto, focusing on removals defence, immigration litigation and appeals. Since 2001 its team of experienced immigration lawyers and consultants have helped immigrants from all over the world resolve their Canadian immigration problems, whether their cases have been refused overseas or they are in-Canada facing deportation or they have otherwise encountered difficulties with immigration authorities.

Lee & Company can help with all types of problems from refusals to delays in processing to the most serious cases of inadmissibility and deportations. Our clients are individuals, immigration consultants and lawyers who refer cases to us, as well as, corporate entities and various organizations. We have represented clients at all divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board, the Federal Court, the Federal Court of Appeal, and in their various dealings with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and the Canadian Border Services Agency. Our success is unquestionable. After more than a decade of helping clients resolve their immigration problems, we have earned the respect, reputation and recognition from our peers and notably from our clients.

Lee & Company Immigration Advocacy, Counsel & Litigation, began circa 2001 when Wennie Lee, who had gained experience in a top Bay Street law firm and a litigation boutique firm, was joined in her practice by Marko Vitorovich, a former immigration officer and at that time an immigration consultant with well over a decade of experience. From the outset, the firm was one of the first immigration firms deliberately focussed on immigration litigation with the aspiration to build a leading boutique immigration practice, understanding both the growing need and importance of litigation in the changing reality of Canadian immigration, and the need for counsel who honed their skills in immigration litigation specifically.


Our Team

Wennie Lee

Principal Lawyer

Wennie Lee has practiced for the past 19 years in immigration law with frequent appearances at the Federal Court of Canada, and all divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board. 

Marko Vitorovich

Principal Immigration Consultant

Marko Vitorovich is a professional immigration consultant, with over 25 years of experience. He has previously worked with Citizenship and Immigration Canada before entering private practice.

Ray Radojevic

Director - Marketing and Community Liaison

Ray Radojevic worked for Citizenship and Immigration Canada for 21 years, he retired as Canada Immigration Centre Manager. As manager, he set up and managed Special Services CIC which later evolved into Vegreville Case Processing Centre. 

Mohamed Abuzayed

Senior Associate Immigration Consultant

Mohamed Abuzayed is a professional immigration consultant, and is a full member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). A member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

Our Mission & Policy

Our Goals

Our goals are simple.

By focusing on Canadian immigration litigation and appeals, we strive to make Lee & Company the “go to” firm, in Canadian immigration litigation and appeals.

Lee & Company believes that there is no problem without a solution. We strive to give our clients an honest and realistic solution to their Canadian Immigration problems. Often we find solutions where others believed there were none.

Lee & Company helps our clients achieve their Canadian immigration goals despite any obstacle that they may encounter. We seek to further our clients’ Canadian immigration interests at every opportunity.

We do this by identifying the real problem, in order to deal with the real issues, and reach real solutions. Our entire firm is dedicated to achieving our clients’ Canadian immigration goals.

How We Work

Lee & Company achieves results through knowledge, diligence and vast experience in Canadian immigration litigation and appeals. Many of our cases have been reported in the Immigration Law Reporter and Federal Court Reporter. We achieve our clients’ Canadian immigration goals because we care about our clients and work hard toward achieving the results they want. Our clients are the keystone of our success and the reason why we exist.

Lee & Company has the experience and skill to know what avenues are available to the clients. We work to explore all the avenues with our clients to resolve their Canadian immigration problems. We skillfully guide our clients through their immigration problems to achieve success.

We also care about Canadian immigration law and the Rule of Law. We work to ensure that our clients are treated fairly and justly, and that their rights are respected and procedural fairness, if breached, is corrected in their favor, whenever it is warranted. Our approach is to always be reasonable, forthright and to adhere to the law. If an issue warrants the intervention of the Federal Court or the Immigration and Refugee Board, we do not hesitate to take action.

Firm Policy

We put our clients' interests ahead of our own.

We serve our clients with diligence. We strive to achieve results that meet or exceed your expectations.

We find solutions that produce positive results for your matters, and are beneficial to your overall needs.

We adhere to a high ethical standard in everything we do; we are truthful and direct at all times.

We will maintain an independent position; we shall tell you the truth as we see it and even though it may lead you to not hire our Firm.

We preserve our clients' confidence through open communication.

We analyze each matter to ensure the best possible case is put forward, maximizing the chance of success.

Through this policy we ensure excellence. Through this policy we believe we will achieve our clients, as well as, our firm’s goals.

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-New Program introduced will be in effect until October, 2024. In Response to the continued crises caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine the Government of Canada has launched a new pathway to permanent residence...


  • I retained Lee & Company to help my family’s former live-in caregiver to sponsor her children’s permanent residency applications from the Philippines. Winnie Lee and her team are the consummate immigration professionals and will do their absolute best to achieve the greatest possible results for their clients. The children of my former caregiver are here in Canada now, and they are most happy to be united and starting new lives with their mother. Their dreams have been achieved. As a lawyer myself, I give my highest recommendations to Lee &...

    Kevin McGee

  • 1% miracle ! I majored in art at Korea’s number one art university. I worked at an advertising company for a while and I decided to open my own advertising company. The company was not in great success but I was able to make a good living. Just before 1997, Korea’s economy was sliding down hill and practically every company suffered. Before IMF crisis in 1997, I and my family took a trip to Canada mainly because of my daughter’s sickness. I wanted to give my daughter a relaxing time...

    Hwan Young Hwang

  • 我来自福建省农村,来加国12年,公民。近来又破产,使我的家庭团聚申请难上加难。很多移民公司不敢接我的案子。经朋友介绍,委托“Lee &Company” 办理。使之长达7年之久,经过4次上庭,3次被拒的申请,终于获得移民局批准。

    Suyu Zhang

  • Miss Lee is a very dedicated and efficient lawyer. When I met her for the first time, I had a deportation case where a family of our church had only 48 hours time frame to leave Canada. Miss Lee had to work through the night in order to have the appeal ready in the morning for submission. Miss Lee fought this case with skill and professionalism and she was able to reverse the deportation decision. Considering the amount of time and magnitude of the appeal, Miss Lee did a superb...

    Father George Farah

    Jesus the King Church, Pastor pr@jesustheking.com