-New Program introduced will be in effect until October, 2024. In Response to the continued crises caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine the Government of Canada has launched a new pathway to permanent residence for Ukrainian nationals. The pathway is intended to keep families together. It provides a pathway for Ukrainian nationals to establish…

Process for getting LMIAs should change – Law Times (Feb 4, 2019)

Process for getting LMIAs should change – Law Times (Feb 4, 2019)

The process for obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment must change to better reflect the reality of global commerce, according to a Toronto immigration lawyer. Positive LMIAs are required to obtain work permits for some applicants entering Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, but Wennie Lee, principal at immigration law firm Lee and Company,…


MISREPRESENTATION- – Altered passport stamp– Citizenship Act, s.22(1)(e.1)

Hoseinian v. Canada (MCI), 2018 FC 514, Grammond J. Our client applied for Canadian citizenship. During the processing of her application, a document analyst discovered that an Iranian entry stamp on her passport had been altered. This raised doubts as to the duration of the applicant’s residence in Canada in the four years preceding her…


Express Entry- CEC Applications and Employment Letters

A recent decision of the Federal Court may be of interest to those who may be able to apply for Canadian immigration under the current Express Entry regime, in the Canadian Experience Class, or need letters to support their work experience. For an officer to assess whether one is eligible to apply for permanent residence…


Misrepresentation Leading to 5 Year Ban

MINOR OVERSIGHTS CAN LEAD TO FINDINGS OF MISREPRESENTATION WHICH CAN LEAD TO A FIVE (5) YEAR BAN Immigration authorities has become increasingly aggressive, to the point that they try to make a minor oversight, a reason to find applicants inadmissible for 5 years.  Our office is seeing this happen more often to persons seeking entry…


Major Changes to the Citizenship Act

Beginning January 1st, 2015, the application fee to apply for citizenship will increase to $530 for each adult applicant.  Many other changes beyond application fees are being introduced that will have more significant impact on the nature of Canadian citizenship. In the coming days, we shall post blogs in regard to the major changes that have been made in Canada’s Citizenship law,…


New Canadian Citizenship Act – What’s Your Intent?

As promised, we will discuss in greater detail one of the biggest problems that the section of the new Citizenship Act, which is not yet in force, will present to applicants for Canadian citizenship. The problems are to be found in S. 3 (C) (c.1) of the new Act, which reads: (c) is a permanent resident…